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Bamileke Carved Wood Shield - Oblong

Cameroon Bamileke Tribal Shield

This shield comes with a display stand for floor display or can be easily mounted on a wall using the wall fitting.


Height  46"

Width   11"

Depth  1"

Traditionally these shields were used as defensive weapons and also as decorative or ritual objects, which in Cameroon symbolize status and wealth. Hand carved from one piece of wood and decorated by large groups of locals making up the Tikar Tribe makes each shield a unique piece.

No matter what your design preference is these artisanal pieces are without a doubt conversation points in any space.

Due to the vintage nature of the artworks slight imperfections may be present - this is due to ageing and wear and tear which in our opinion only adds to the character and charm of the artwork.

Size: +/- 115cm, 46 inch