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Binga AfricanWoven Wall Basket Set 2

Set of 8 Baskets - you will receive this exact set of baskets.

50-53cm, 19-21" x 2
34-36cm, 13.25-14" x 2
30-33cm, 12.5" x 2
26-28cm, 11" x 1
23-25cm, 9-10" x 1

These beautiful and traditional Binga baskets are all individually hand woven from Ilala Palm leaves, giving each basket its own unique design.

The Tonga Tribe from Zimbabwe traditionally use the baskets for carrying maize or sorghum. Because they are so lightweight we absolutely love these baskets as creative authentic wall décor.

Baskets work well in any home no matter the style, from traditional African themed décor to an ultra-modern home. If you don’t want your baskets on the wall why not use them as a fruit bowl or as a centre piece on your coffee or dining table.

Binga baskets are incredibly easy to hang, you can either string a piece of cotton through the weave at the back of the basket, or you can simply knock a thin nail through the centre into a gap in the weave directly into your wall. Neither method will damage your basket.

Cleaning is a breeze too. Either dust the baskets off or vacuum on a low power setting.

All our baskets are fumigated before we ship

Materials - Ilala palm and grasses with natural bark dyes

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