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Striped Black and White Mudcloth Wall Hanging with tassels

Mudcloth is a fabric originating in Mali, Africa. The cotton is often grown on local farms, using traditional methods. After harvest it is spun into a rough yarn. The men of the village weave the fibers into 5-6 inch wide strips on hand looms.

The cloth is soaked in a tea from the N'Galaman or N'Tjankara trees, that acts like a fixative for the colors to set and is oftern responsible for the desired tannin background shade. This is where the term "bogolan" originated. If white is desired these areas may be rebleached with soda. It's a lengthy process to acquire the traditional patterns and colors on mudcloth both of which have meaning.


Patterns may stand for status, community, or  character. Blackand white markings are used for storytelling or proverbs. Rust color represents blood from either hunting or war, and is favored by the Fulani people.


+/- 64.5L x 42W inch
+/- 164 x 107cm

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